Whether you are looking for non-metallic gasket, paper gasket, rubber gasket, graphite gasket or PTFE gasket, NAV International can help you with your precise requirements within the fastest turnaround time.

As one of the experienced non-metallic manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India, we are experts in manufacturing gaskets with the desired level of insulation for your custom application. We have a dedicated team of resources that works with industries of all shapes and sizes - providing them with paper, rubber, graphite and PTFE gaskets that simplify it to seal the gap between two surfaces as well as prevent any leakage.

Being a trusted paper gasket, rubber gasket and graphite gasket manufacturer, supplier and exporter, we comply with all the industry standards and ensure to provide you with gaskets that prevent any health-related risks. We constantly work to improve our designs by leveraging the latest technologies. We also have a team of Quality Assurance (QAs) professionals that consistently tests the gaskets and ensure strict adhere to environment and safety regulations.

Besides being used as sealing material in pipelines, the non-metallic gaskets are also well-suited for equipment in air, inert gases, saturated vapor, gas, ammonia alkali, etc. Some of the features of our non-metallic gaskets viz., rubber, graphite and paper gaskets are:

  • Chemical resistant,
  • Anti-adhesive surface, and
  • Temperature resistant.

Not just this, our PTFE gaskets can also be used effectively for gasket materials that require high chemical resistance.

Our spectrum of non-metallic gasket packings includes:

  • Spiral wound gaskets
  • Rubber gaskets
  • Lens gaskets
  • Standard Pipe Flange
  • Encapsulated gaskets - O-Rings and Molded Seals
  • PTFE sheets and gaskets
  • Modern boiler gaskets
  • Laminated gaskets

And many more!

  • graphite-powder
  • graphite-powder
  • graphite-powder

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