Do you require high-quality PTFE Gland Packing at cost effective prices and in quick turnaround time? You have come at the right place!

NAV International is a renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of PTFE gland packing across the globe. We are a seasoned team of professionals with in-depth expertise and experience in manufacturing and supplying the best-in-class PTFE gland packing ropes for industries of all shapes and sizes - small, mid-sized or large, tailored to meet their needs.

Polytetrafluoroethyleneelements, known for their exceptionally high resistance to chemicals and low friction, are leveraged to manufacture PTFE gland packing in India. We deal in valve stem packing and gland packing for pumps as well as rotary equipment. Using distinctive technologies to manufacture, our team ensures that our range of PTFE gland packing ropes prevent any leakages, withstand most of the chemical substances and offer temperature resistance by up to 260 degree Celsius.

Here's a glimpse of our suite of PTFE gland packing:

Whether you want to seal valves, pumps, sliders or mixers, we offer you a product line as per your customized requirements - promising durability, fine polish and prolonged life. These include:

  • PTFE gland packing manufactured with multi-filament yarns
  • Gland packing braided by Finitext yarn
  • PTFE gland packing made of expanded PTFE yarn and graphite
  • PTFE gland packing made with pure PTFE lubricated yarns
  • Lubricated FDA PTFE packing for foods

And many more!

Why should you choose us?

As a well-known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of PTFE gland packing worldwide, we can assure you of the following features:

  • Flawless polish and robustness
  • Well-braided and rugged
  • Self-lubricated
  • Self-lubricated
  • Low wear and tear
  • High thermal conductivity

PTFE Graphite Packing

PTFE Graphite Packing PTFE graphite packing is braided from PTFE yarn containing graphite particles. Excellent general services for sealing on alkalis, solvents, water, steam, acid except strong oxidizing acids.

Temperature pH Speed
550°F (287°C) steam 0-14 except strong oxidizers 4000 FPM
  • graphite-powder

PTFE Graphite Packing

Made from highest quality graphite

Thermally conductive, self lubricating

Used on all rotating shafts

Temperature pH Speed
550°F (287°C) steam 0-14 except strong oxidizers 4400 FPM
  • graphite-powder

PTFE Graphite Packing / Aramid Fiber

PTFE graphite packing reinforced edges with aramid prevents gap extrusions within high pressure and temperature. Good sliding velocity and thermal conductivity. Great service packing for severe pump applications.

Temperature pH
550°F (287°C) steam 2-12
  • graphite-powder

Graphite Packing/ Graphite

Graphite Packing/ Graphite is a graphite packing braided with the highest quality continuous filament graphite yarn, interlock braided. Used for severe services in pumps and valves. Treated throughout with graphite particles

Temperature pH Pressure Speed
1000°F (540°C) 0-14 600 PSI (41 bar) 2000 FPM
  • graphite-powder

Graphite Packing/ PTFE

Graphite Packing/ PTFE Braided with high purity graphite yarn. Interlock braided and impregnated with PTFE. Combination of graphite and PTFE make an excellent non-contaminating and chemical resistance packing.

Temperature pH Pressure Speed
600°F (315°C) 0-14 1000 PSI (700 bar) 2000 FPM
  • graphite-powder

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